your app to experience the city

Backed by ITsimple’s cloud-based content management platform for mobile, ‘Experience the City’ platform is the complete solution to attract visitors and conventions to town, packaged in a single powerful mobile app. Stay and do more.

ITsimple’s web-based secure portal

Portal for CVBs

ITsimple’s web-based secure portal for the CVB staff. You are in control. You decide who in your team has access to which functions and content categories. Dated content is key, you are now enabled to publish content from the portal to mobile in real-time.

Mobile app to experience the city

We are all about our user-first mindset. All the icons on Experience City App are actionable. Plan a visit. Find an hotel. Find an event. Save it to your calendar. Call to reserve a table at a local restaurant. Get directions. Drive or take a car service. Find parking. Comeback soon.

Use Cases

Local Dining

Visitors are looking for the local scene. Signature foods, farmers markets, and unique tastes that they can’t find elsewhere. List your local restaurants where they can reserve a table, order out or simply get there. Effortless.

Quick Facts

Tell the city story. Share interesting local stories, notable residents, and unique places. Typical weather, transportation, and valuable information that your visitors will appreciate having in one accessible place.   

City Attractions

Create and highlight city tours like arts, parks, and nature, history, unique places or businesses. Bring it all where it’s intuitive and easy for the visitor to leverage. Make him come back.

CVB Services

Direct visitors to the welcome center. Offer the visitor guide online or accept an order form to send the print to. Share information about the complementary event planning services for corporate, family, and sporting occasions.  Welcome them to town!

Community Events

Have your visitors enjoy what the city has to offer. The one app they need while coming for a visit. Share actionable information about the events in place while they are staying, lead them there driving or with a car service, with a tap of a button.

City Hotels

Let the city hotels to stand out. Have your visitors stay nearby the events, attractions, shopping, and entertainment choices. Make it local, easy to find, and easy to access using the visitor app.

See what our customers say

“The Alpharetta CVB is excited for the innovative, informative and useful technology app for the residents and visitors of Alpharetta. It’sMyTown is a great platform for our city visitors to find local hotels, restaurants and events, and learn about the great things that Alpharetta has to offer. We are delighted with getting on board.”

Janet Rodgers - Awesome Alpharetta president and CEO
Janet Rodgers President & CEO@Awesome Alpharetta

See what our users say

“With restaurants changing all the time, I can check the listings even when I’m on Canton Street!”

MJ, Roswell