City Mobile Tours

Bring your city tours to life with mobile self-guided tours! Create attractions and tell the landmarks stories. Backed by ITsimple’s cloud-based content management platform for mobile, Visitors love the tours!

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ITsimple’s web-based secure portal puts the CVB staff in control. Grant permission to team members to push content from the portal to the app using appropriate content categories. Dated content is key, publish content from the portal to mobile in real-time.

Mobile Guided Tour app

City mobile tours app

City Mobile Tours connect community and visitors with self-guided walking tours of local landmarks and historical sites. Visitors can see your city on foot and at their own pace.

Use Cases

History Tour

“History is important. Knowing the history of an area connects us with the past. My dad loved our town’s memorial and history tours. I enjoyed the time with my dad.”
Honor the people and places who contributed and made your town for what it is now by placing a tour to follow their tracks and legacy.

Arts Tours

“My mother-in-law loves art. Visiting from another state, she was impressed by our city’s modern art tour.”
Feature the city’s artworks. Tell the story. Attract visitors.

City Events

“We love taking a long weekend vacations where there are multi-day festivals, local markets, or concerts happening. That’s a destination factor for us.”

Familiarize your visitor with events and happenings in your area with a tap. It’s a win-win.

Green Tours

“Fun and free family day out activities. My family enjoyed a day in the greens of our town. Funny how sometimes we are not aware of the nature that surrounds.”
Encourage visitors and locals to enjoy arboretum, parks, green trails, and nature walking/biking tours.

Feature Attractions

“Whenever I visit a new city for business or pleasure, I love to find the local attractions. It is a perfect way to explore, and, in most cases, for free.”

Create city attractions like scavenger hunts, leading visitors through open public attractions and local businesses.

Sneak Peek Tours

“We were always curious about very old and even haunted houses. The app helped us learn some great stories.”

Let your local culture and uniqueness stand out. Guide visitors through the oldest or most interesting houses in town.

See what our customers say

“The Alpharetta CVB is excited for the innovative, informative and useful technology app for the residents and visitors of Alpharetta. It’sMyTown is a great platform for our city visitors to find local hotels, restaurants and events, and learn about the great things that Alpharetta has to offer. We are delighted with getting on board.”

Janet Rodgers - Awesome Alpharetta president and CEO
Janet Rodgers President & CEO@Awesome Alpharetta

See what our users say

“With restaurants changing all the time, I can check the listings even when I’m on Canton Street!”

MJ, Roswell